Jessica Faye Jagmin

Graphic Designer Windsor, ON

I’ve had over 11 years experience in print and web design, working in print shop, agency and freelance environments (often simultaneously!)

Hello there and thank you for appreciating my work. Have you looked through everything? I encourage you to check back often for updates.

I’ve seen many a project concept through delivery. Some over the course of a month, many over the course of youneeditattheendoftheday.

We’re gonna have a fun time working together.


Interface / Graphic Designer

Red Piston Inc.

Art Director

Simply Windsor Media

Design for print, and web, magazine/editorial design, copywriting, prepress, digital printing, large format printing, product finishing (cutting, folding, scoring, perforating, binding, packaging, shipping), ad design, graphic design, illustration, logo design, promotional materials

Art Director

Blue Apple Inc.

Magazine/editorial design, design for print, copywriting, prepress, digital printing, finishing, FedEx/UPS service

Freelance Graphic Designer

Jess Jagmin Designs

I offer design for print services for a variety of companies and events. From posters to signage, logos to vector stock illustration, design is my passion.

Graphic/Social Media Specialist

Generator Design of Canada Inc.

Junior Graphic Designer (Intern)

McGill Productions – MacLAREN McCANN